How to Personalize Your New Home in North Georgia

How to Personalize Your New Home in North Georgia

When you buy a new home, one of the most exciting feelings is customizing it to match your exact tastes. This excitement is only elevated if it’s a home you plan to share with your partner in retirement or a home that will serve as a home base for extended family get-togethers.

Since many of the homes in the North Georgia Mountains are already beautiful, there isn’t too much you need to do to show them off. But, if you’re looking for some inspiration for adding your personal touch, here’s what you need to know.

Get home design inspiration at your fingertips

Getting inspired is easier than ever thanks to the many visual resources available on the internet. One phenomenal place to get inspired? Instagram.

With the free app on your phone, you can head to the search bar and type in “home inspiration,” “homes in North Georgia Mountains,” or “interior design,” for example. You’ll get a list of accounts that match that search and hashtags (which will show you posts from a variety of accounts). You can like (and save!) these photos as well as follow accounts that consistently post inspiring content.

Use Instagram to inspire your North Georgia home design

Thanks to Instagram’s inherently visual nature, it’s one of the simplest ways to fall down a rabbit hole of beautiful photos. They recently added the ability to save photos. When you do so, you can head to the “Saved” tab to see a full collection of every photo you’ve saved. If you save inspiring home renovation and interior design photos, you’ll have a mini portfolio right in your pocket.

You don’t even need the app to get started. HGTV recommends following these 9 interior designers. Clicking one of the links below will take you to their Instagram account, which you can view either on the app or in any browser of your choice:

Follow home design experts on Instagram

Instagram takes the cake not only for its visual nature but for its easy access to industry experts and influencers. If you have a certain designer you love, there’s a very good chance they have an account on Instagram where they share recent work, back stories about the process, and fun tidbits about their lives.

Honorable mentions: Pinterest and Houzz

Like Instagram, Pinterest can be accessed through your browser or on the phone app. You can save images about anything and everything — yes, including home design. Then you can save the collection with a title like “Home Design Inspiration” and have access to all those saved images anywhere you go.

Pinterest can help inspire your North Georgia home design

Meanwhile, Houzz is an app that provides interior design inspiration. With more than 9 million interior design photos and decorating ideas, Houzz doesn’t skimp on new ideas. Houzz is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, and they even have a website you can use if apps aren’t your thing.

Houzz provides millions of home design photos

Make sure each person’s voice is heard

For the interior design guru who has it all planned out, this can be a difficult step. But for most people, the idea of coming up with the full design for your home by yourself is intimidating.

The good news is that it’s actually best for everyone who will be living in the home to have a say about the way it’s designed. This is a surefire way to make sure that the home is personalized to your unique family since everyone’s opinions will come together in a completely unique way.

If you’re moving to the North Georgia Mountains with kids, this can be a great opportunity to ask them what they’d like their bedroom to look like. If it’s you and your spouse sharing the home, ask them if there are certain colors and styles that they like.

North Georgia offers tons of family-friendly homes

Leave the floor plan open to their opinion, too! Maybe your husband isn’t super interested in interior design, but there’s a good chance he’s got some ideas for how to use that spare room. (Did somebody say “man cave”?)

Try browsing some of the inspiration apps mentioned above together, or head to a nearby home goods store and pick out a decorative piece that everyone loves. If you have kids, use their favorite movie or book to inspire a themed room that they’ll love.

You can’t go wrong with a home in the mountains

No matter how you add that personal touch to your new home, you’ll already have a great advantage by choosing a home in the North Georgia Mountains. By merely looking out your window, you’ll be surrounded by beauty.

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