The Best Apps for Home Buyers in North Georgia

The Best Apps for Home Buyers in North Georgia

In 2015, there were 501,000 homes sold in the United States. While mortgage rates are projected to rise, Fortune also predicts that mortgage credit will be more widely available, new constructions will continue to increase, and medium-sized cities will continue to provide an attractive alternative to high real estate prices in cities like San Francisco and New York City.

These trends all point to a steady real estate market for individuals and families looking to buy. We’ve researched more than 20 phone apps for home buyers and calculated the top-rated real estate apps by factoring in reviews from both iPhone and Android users. The result? A list of unique, sleek, and highly-loved apps that are sure to improve your home buying experience.

Top-Rated Home Searching Apps

Trulia, Realtor.com, and Zillow can help you find a home in North Georgia
  • 4.50 stars: Trulia. Known for providing one of the most attractive mobile apps for home searching, Trulia allows home buyers to search millions of home listings, save and organize homes, go on video tours of properties, and get information on local school, crime, and neighborhood ratings. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.43 stars: Realtor.com. Realtor.com boasts more properties than any other website or app since it pulls its sources directly from MLS listings and refreshes every 15 minutes. Users can search for homes by drawing their ideal neighborhood, get availability on local open houses, and receive notifications when houses that meet their criteria are listed for sale. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.39 stars: Zillow. Zillow is still the app many people think of when searching for a home. Users love its features like Zestimate (which provides estimates on home value and renting potential), video walkthroughs, and the ability to sort data by several, specific factors. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

Top-Rated Apps for Researching the Neighborhood

Use AroundMe, Walk Score, and GreatSchools to research North Georgia neighborhoods
  • 4.05 stars: AroundMe. AroundMe uses the power of Wikipedia to show users nearby businesses and landmarks. Users can type in a starting point and search for specific kinds of establishments nearby. The app then allows you to view the location on a map, see the route to get there, and even add the information to your contact list. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.03 stars: Walk Score. This handy app lets you type in a location and view the locations that are within walking distance. It even allows users to see how easy it is to bike and take public transit, giving users the ability to find a home with shorter commutes to all their favorite destinations. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.00 stars: GreatSchools. Use GreatSchools to learn about school zones and individual schools in a given area. It also allows you to type in your address, see which schools the address is zoned for, and compare those schools against other schools in the state. Download: iTunes (free) / Android: not available

Top-Rated Apps for Home Renovations

zInspector, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor can help you renovate your home in the Georgia Mountains
  • 5.0 stars: zInspector. This app lets home buyers, contractors, agents, and property managers build a comprehensive property portfolio during inspection. Users can create a visual room-by-room report of home conditions that can be exported as a PDF or to Evernote. From there, users can track renovation activities and keep the full process organized within the app. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.62 stars: Houzz. Houzz provides interior design inspiration and helps users streamline the renovation process. It provides more than 9 million interior design photos and decorating ideas, making it a great tool for home buyers and home sellers alike. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

  • 4.20 stars: HomeAdvisor. The hassle of finding a reliable contractor is made easy with HomeAdvisor. It provides information on nearby contractors, all of whom have been through a criminal and financial screen before being listed on the app. Users can view contractor reviews, request renovation quotes, and even book repairs through the app. Download: iTunes (free) / Android (free)

Another helpful tool: Your realtor’s experience

These apps are sure to help out anyone looking to buy a home in North Georgia. While they can help you find your perfect home, get familiar with the neighborhood, and make improvements to the property, one thing they can’t do is help you negotiate with the seller and navigate the legal process of buying a home.

Once you’ve downloaded your favorite apps for buying a home, give our team a call to enlist the help of an experienced realtor during the home buying process. With your phone in hand and one of our realtors by your side, finding your new home in the Georgia Mountains will be an easy, pleasant process.