3 Reasons to Choose North Georgia for Your Second Home

3 Reasons to Choose North Georgia for Your Second Home

You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved up your money, and now you’re thinking about purchasing a second home. While some people look to the tropics or faraway ski resorts for their second home, others are looking for an area that experiences all four seasons.

For these people, a mountain home in North Georgia may just fit the bill. With quaint winters, colorful autumns, and exciting summers, the North Georgia Mountains are known for their year-round beauty.

But there’s more to the area than pretty looks. There are plenty of reasons you may want to consider North Georgia for your second home. Here are the top three:

1. The North Georgia Mountains bring families together

One of the best advantages of North Georgia is its accessibility to everyone in the family. You don’t have to hop on a plane to a faraway destination, and there’s no need for anyone to get their passports renewed before they can come visit.

Along with its great location, the values and environment of North Georgia are perfect for families. Visitors to the area take note of its Southern charm and how welcoming the locals are. Many of the towns — no matter how many great activities they offer — have a relaxed vibe that encourages families to slow down and enjoy their time together.

Many of the most popular attractions in the North Georgia Mountains are extremely kid-friendly, too! From apple orchards to scenic railways to easy-to-reach waterfalls, there are so many activities that children of all ages will love. Combine this with the fact that there are holiday-themed activities year-round and it’s easy to see why North Georgia brings families together.

North Georgia is the perfect place for families to bond

2. North Georgia is the perfect mix of secluded and social

A tough challenge when looking for a second home is finding an area that meshes well with your personality and where you are in life. For instance, many people who buy a second home are getting closer to retirement and aren’t exactly looking for a New York City lifestyle. At the same time, they may find that a too-secluded destination can leave them feeling lonely in their new home.

While the mountains are one of the top places people consider when buying a second home, mountain homes are known for being difficult to drive to and far away from civilization.

What’s unique about the North Georgia Mountains is that there are several cities nestled throughout the mountains, many of which are mere minutes from beautiful cabin homes. Folks who are interested in city life don’t need to drive far to access some of the best shopping in Georgia, while the more adventurous types are in paradise thanks to North Georgia’s abundance of waterfalls, hiking trails, and outdoor activities.

When they’ve had their fill of socializing with the friendly locals, they can retreat back to their cabin in the mountains, where peace and quiet is the norm.

The North Georgia Mountains are home to beautiful, affordable cabins

3. The mountains offer cabins of all different sizes and prices

Perhaps the best reason to consider the North Georgia Mountains for your second home is that you don’t have to save a fortune to make it happen. With plenty of cabins priced below $200,000 and luxury homes priced at $500,000 or above, there is a North Georgia cabin for any budget. Here’s a rough idea of what you can expect in each price category:

  • < $200k: 2-3 bedrooms, 1-3 bathrooms, ¼ acre-5 acres
  • $200k-$250k: 2-5 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, ¼ acre-5 acres
  • $250k-$300k: 3-5 bedrooms, 2-3½ bathrooms, ¼ acre-10 acres
  • $300k-$500k: 3-5 bedrooms, 2-4½ bathrooms, ½ acre-15 acres
  • > $500k: 3-5 bedrooms, 2½-5 bathrooms, 1 acre-20 acres

Beyond price, bedrooms, bathrooms, and acres, you can also search for lakeside homes, cabins with finished/unfinished basements, and mountain, lake, river, creek, and/or pasture views. So, while all of the homes have the North Georgia Mountains in common, there are so many additional factors that can help you find the unique home that’s perfect for you.

Search for a cabin in North Georgia

Finding a home that can accommodate the whole family, offer the right mix of quiet and adventurous, and suit your budget is a fairly easy task when you’re looking in the North Georgia Mountains. Use our MLS search feature to conduct and filter your search of North Georgia homes, and be sure to contact our team if you’re looking for personalized assistance as you search for your second home.