3 Beautiful North Georgia Mountain Towns You Need to Visit

3 Beautiful North Georgia Mountain Towns You Need to Visit

Who doesn’t love a quaint mountain town? With tons of history, stunning mountain views, and more things to do than you could possibly count, the mountain towns in North Georgia can’t be missed. But where should you go first in the North Georgia Mountains?

But where should you go first in the North Georgia Mountains? Without a little guidance, picking the perfect mountain town in this vast expanse of land can be overwhelming.

If you’re planning to visit the mountains in North Georgia, we recommend checking out any (or all) of these three historic, exciting, and beautiful towns.

1. Ellijay, Georgia

Located at the center of Gilmer County, Georgia, Ellijay provides great access to the scenic routes through the North Georgia Mountains. What’s unique about Ellijay is its combination of a small-town feeling and its abundance of things to do.

Some of the most popular destinations in Ellijay include R&A Orchards, Mountain Valley Farm, Engelheim Vineyard, Reece Apple House, and Hillcrest Orchards. Noticing a theme here? Ellijay is the perfect place to get in touch with nature. Its name is even derived from Elatseyi, a Cherokee word meaning “new ground” or “green place.”

Ellijay, Georgia offers a quaint, small-town feeling

Perhaps the best time of year to visit Ellijay is in October, when they hold the famous Georgia Apple Festival. Running for more than 45, years, the apple festival offers an abundance of activities that are perfect for couples and families alike. From hand-crafted items and on-site craft demonstrations to parades and antique car shows, there’s truly something for everyone at Ellijay’s annual festival — just like there’s something for everyone in Ellijay year-round.

2. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Known for its picturesque Main Street and its train ride along the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, Blue Ridge is considered by many to be Georgia’s favorite mountain town. Located in the heart of Chattahoochee National Forest, Blue Ridge makes it easy for visitors to hike to local waterfalls, go horseback riding, and kayak along Lake Blue Ridge.

The history of Blue Ridge is rooted in its pure mineral waters and its railroad. Once believed to be an elite health resort, Blue Ridge was a top destination for visitors who wanted to enjoy its mineral springs. When Blue Ridge was established as a railroad town (largely thanks to its proximity to the flat Toccoa River Valley), the entire county benefited from the opportunity to sell and trade their agricultural products.

Blue Ridge, Georgia is known for its scenic railway

Popular attractions in Blue Ridge include Mercier Orchards, Toccoa River Swinging Bridge, Long Creek Falls, local ziplining adventures, and the Fannin Brewing Company. Of course, you can’t go wrong spending the day perusing the historic downtown area. With an abundance of southern food restaurants, quaint coffee shops, antique stores, and vintage markets, downtown Blue Ridge provides the perfect place for visitors to relax after a day full of outdoor excitement.

3. Blairsville, Georgia

Blairsville, or the City of Mountains, is named after James Blair, a Revolutionary War veteran. Blairsville got its start from its stash of gold, which was considered to be the purest gold in the North Georgia Mountains.

One of the best features of Blairsville is its proximity to so many top-rated destinations and activities in North Georgia. Its cozy downtown area holds their original courthouse and the famous Hole in the Wall diner. With just a short drive out of downtown, visitors can go bass fishing at Lake Nottely, hike through Vogel State Park, take in the views at the Brasstown Bald observation tower, and kick back with some golf at Butternut Creek Golf Course.

Blairsville, Georgia isn’t far from Brasstown Bald’s stunning views

Blairsville offers so many ways to get outside and get moving. Visitors can check out Helton Creek Falls, go on a local horseback riding tour, stroll through Odom Springs Vineyards, go paddleboarding on one of the many nearby lakes, and do some shopping at the Union County Farmers Market.

Visit us in the North Georgia Mountains

Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and Blairsville aren’t the only stunning towns in the North Georgia Mountains, but they’re at the top of our list for towns you just can’t miss.

What’s equally as beautiful as the mountains themselves are the gorgeous cabins and mountain homes nestled throughout them. If you’re looking to buy a home in the North Georgia Mountains (or even if you’re just curious to see what’s out there), our team will happily show you around the area. You won’t believe the properties available in and near these quaint mountain towns.